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AKC Trick Dog titles can be earned at the Dream Big Training Center. The first three titles: TKN, TKI, and TKA, can be evaluated at the Dream Big Training Center with evaluator Bill Anderson. The fourth and final title, TKP, requires the performance to be filmed and upload for review by the AKC. We can film your performance and provide the video file to you, or we can upload it on your behalf.

All titles can be evaluated in one session, or individually. There is a discount for evaluating all three titles in one session.

Go online at AKC and check out the tricks your dog needs to learn to earn AKC Trick dog titles.

Evaluation Fee

AKC Novice Trick Dog (TKN) – $25
AKC Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI) – $25
AKC Advanced Trick Dog (TKA) – $25
All three in one session – $65, a $10 savings!

Filming and Uploading Fee

AKC Trick Dog Performer (TKP) – Filming only using your phone or camera $25. Filming and uploading $40.

Note: AKC charges a $20 fee for each title. It is up to the owner of the dog to send the paperwork and $20 fee for each title to the AKC.

Schedule Evaluation

Email or call Bill Anderson for an appointment.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 209-727-5321

Will need – Owners name, address, phone, email, dog’s AKC number, registered name, call name and breed.

The Following props are available for you to use: Jumps, Tunnel, Balance beam, Agility table, Box size 18”x11”x4” high, Weave poles, Perch bowls size 11.5” and 9” (all agility equipment)