Clinics and Off-Site Lessons

DD’s Dog Training offers Obedience clinics and off-site private lessons. See our current schedule of clinics and off-site private lessons. To schedule a clinic or off-site private lesson in your area, contact us at [email protected].

Dee Dee Anderson giving a seminar

Dee Dee Anderson giving a seminar. Photo by Bill Anderson.

Clinics Offered by Dee Dee & Billy Anderson

One-Day Clinic

Limited to 25 people, with or without dogs, and will only cover what those people need to work on.

Two-Day Clinic

The purpose of a two-day clinic is to do in-depth problem solving, find the missing links in your training, and show you how to replace the missing links so you can have better success in the ring. Clinic will provide a brief overview of training methodology and “training rules” that are based on development and learning stages common to all dogs. Questions will dictate which direction the clinic goes in. No problems to small or to big to cover. Clinics will start with Puppies, then Novice/Rally dogs, Open dogs, Utility dogs, UDX and OTCH dogs. The clinic is appropriate for dogs of any breed or age. No aggressive dogs please.

Up to 15 working spots available each day. Each working spot (dog/handler) will be worked with to solve training problems, while auditors are encouraged to ask questions. Auditors limited to space available.

The clinics are interactive and very well received. Clinics will help you improve your score and enjoy being in the ring with you dog. Clinics also cover cross training between other venues that you might be working your dog in. Learn how not to have confusion and gain a smarter more talented dog.

Rally clinic.

2/26/2012. Rally clinic.

Example two-day schedule:


9:00 10:00 Intro, puppy
10:00 11:00 Heel on leash, finding heel
11:00 12:00 Heel off leash, figure 8, turns, attention, focus
12:00 1:00 Lunch
1:00 2:00 Rally, finding heel, halts, pivots
2:00 3:00 Finish, stay, stand, moving stand
3:00 4:30 Recalls, front, drop on recalls


9:00 10:00 Dumbbell, retrieve
10:00 11:00 High jump, broad jump
11:00 12:00 Articles
12:00 1:00 Lunch
1:00 2:00 Signals, heeling
2:00 2:30 Gloves
2:30 4:00 Go-outs, directed jumping